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Speaking of the Nondual

by Martin Ball

Seeker 06:44
Seeker Fear not That which materializes in the mind's eye Gaze deeply Ferociously And with unwavering courage Face the horror that torments you That makes you squirm That makes your heart race Your limbs contract And your breath become shallow Breathe deeply into it all Neither pushing Nor pulling And just witness That which is The horror is you As is the sublime beauty Take it all in Not as a possession But as a reflection For it is only you Be without fear And if there is fear Then be with that, too And set all judgment aside Observe And know thyself In all your manifest diversity Why would you fear yourself? What is it that you do not want to see Is it your heart? Your mind? Or the very illusion of yourself That haunts you so For beyond all sense of me and mine Lies the infinite expanse Of what is And there is where you will find The Real Infinitely active Eternally at rest Dynamic, yet peaceful and serene It is the Truth That will set you free From the prison Of your self-generated illusions So fear not the freedom That comes from the unwavering gaze It is only you that you seek And it is only you That you will find
My Love 05:32
My love Let us share words of truth And speak of the Real You may have thought that my heart belongs to you But this is not true For my heart belongs to me Just as yours belongs to you I never asked for your heart And have not given you mine Rather I have opened my heart to the Real And in doing so Have come to love you And since you have done the same We find ourselves here, together, in Love Know that I am not here to make you happy Or to fulfill you Those tasks belong to you I am here to love you Encourage you And assist you as I can This I freely choose For I love you And my desire is for you To be all that you are My love is ruthless Universal And uncompromising This is precisely how I wish To be loved by another For in truth We are one And I would be loved by another In the same way that I love myself Know that I will share In your happiness Your joys Your sorrows And I will share mine with you as well But do not come to me with gifts And ploys To make me think kindly of you Or earn my favoritism Or pity Come to me only with Truth And I will meet you Just where you are For my ultimate commitment Is to the Real And not the games of illusion If you hide within your mind You will not find me there For I live in my heart And it is there that I will wait for you To return from the maybes and what ifs To that which is It is from my open heart That I will mirror you And reflect back to you All that you are As a being of love Of energy Of passion And truth So let us be with each other In the field of Love That knows no bounds And no possessions And there I will love you As myself For that is what we truly are . . . I love you
Illusion confusion Perpetuates delusion And attachment to projection Results in rejection When it's all in your mind It makes perfect sense But when you share it with others There's displeasure And hence Go back to the heart And take another start Clear out the mind Of the delusions that bind Set yourself free Into reality It's not what you think Or even what you believe Only the truth Can genuinely relieve The habit of telling That your shit is not smelling Insisting it's roses Shoved in others' noses It's really not nice And certainly not fun And it's a far cry From being the One So cool your horses And just take a break Be with yourself And see what it takes To be true in your heart Is a good place to start Otherwise you might find yourself With no friends and no home And nothing of value In what you think is your own Of course it's your life So do what you like But if I were in your place I'd step back from the mic And listen to what I think I am saying And pay attention to That games that I'm playing I'd look in my heart For there I would see That my mind has been truly Fucking with me
The full blossoming Into the flower of your being Is so exquisite to behold Your radiance Your symmetry Your balance A perfect embodiment Of the Fractal of Being Ebbing and flowing effortlessly Into every manifestation Of Now The turning of the wheel of time And the foundation of Eternity Rest together in every gesture Every breath Every beat of your glorious heart Strumming the chords of essential harmony In surrender to the flow The melody of your life Sings through all of your being Telling the tale of your unique beauty And your universal embrace A full spectrum Both beautiful and terrifying to behold Showing such grace Entwined with raw power of Pure energy Pure love A flower like no other Open fully to the Self And the multitudes contained therein I watch in celebration for YOU ARE! So exquisite to behold
Traveler 06:45
Traveler Are you weary? How long have you been on your path? For how long have you wandered in search of your home? I can see by the trappings of your bags That you have sought to drink from many cups of wisdom Their traces follow you Like brittle leaves Blowing in the relentless wind Your cushion tells that you've sat at the knees of many masters For it is well worn And its familiarity gives you comfort The notes from your carefully guarded book overflow with teachings on the divine Words and more words Secrets whispered Realizations stashed away Jotted down Saved and prized Just in case There might be some truth in there Something that will set you free We could make a fire with all that precious wisdom And warm ourselves If only for a little while But then what? Would you begin your journey again? Set out to wander, and attempt once more To find that which eludes you? I've seen you before, you know First you went this way Then you went that way Your hair has changed And so have you clothes And sometimes, even your name It's always the same, though Just a seeker, in search of home Had you asked I would have told you it was right here, all along You've carried it with you with every step And it was there at every rest Some things you must learn for yourself, however So I only watched, and let you go on your way But if the time has come That you've grown weary of the search Then I'll tell you You're already there Just where you've always been Relax, if you dare And change into something more comfortable Remove those pilgrim's shoes And let the cloak of earnest searching fall away Your heart has always been right here In this very chest It will tell you all you need to know If you'd only listen You may have thought it was its whispers that led you on By that was just your mind For where would the heart go To find itself? So let's burn those notes of sincere seeking Of precious wisdom Of eternal truths And rest in the light and heat If only for a while After, go where you like And seek what you want But just know, As long as you look for home It will elude you For it is the seeking that keeps you From being where you are
In the Hall of Infinite Mirrors With no beginning And no end Which one Is the Real You?
How beautiful it is to see you Come Sit And rest for a while You've come bearing your troubles But I won't console you with words I won't supply you with reasons Or stories Or tales to make sense of what you feel Instead, Know that the invitation is always open To set those troubles aside And just be present, here and now In this very moment That has been unfolding Forever Somewhere along the road You chose to pick up your burdens And carry them as your duty and charge Maybe for yourself Maybe it was for others The reason doesn't matter It never did It was a choice you made And now, as always, you are free To choose differently If that is what you want It's all love Didn't you know? Every horror Every sublime pleasure It's all the same In the infinite field of love When you find yourself in the prison of fear and doubt and struggle Know that you are your own guard And the bars of that prison, They too are you That is the price of real freedom It is the nature of the game You are the author of your own story Just like everyone else So take a moment And just sit here with me Breathe, and let your breath be No need to push No need to pull Just relax into your natural breath And feel your heart Exactly as it is No reasons No judgment Just what is, as it is Why try so hard to fix something That is never broken? Do you love yourself enough to give permission To truly feel your heart? Do you love yourself enough to allow That which needs to release to be let go? Your heart is big enough And strong enough There's no need to be afraid It might not be easy For you've kept it imprisoned for so long But I know you can do it For I know the resilience of your heart And can feel it beating with mine So come Sit And let us be together For just a while And know That it is so beautiful to see you Exactly as you are


Speaking of the Nondual is an album of spoken word and ambient soundscapes that expresses the inexpressible: the Nondual Nature of Being and the True Nature of the Self. To get the most out of this listening experience, I recommend you enjoy your favorite auditory and visual enhancement tools, settle into the expanded energy of being, turn down the lights, put on some headphones, close your eyes, and play this from beginning to end. This collection is quite unlike anything else I've put out and I think you'll find it to be a profound experience. Each piece is a unique space, a temple of light and sound, and words of wisdom and truth. The first 7 tracks feature spoken word and the remaining 5 tracks are instrumental versions with vocals removed.

You can also enjoy Speaking of the Nondual as a video with beautiful fractal and kaleidoscopic images on the Entheogenic Evolution channel on Youtube: youtu.be/kAtsnmDh_UA


released November 26, 2018


all rights reserved



Martin Ball Ashland, Oregon

Independent multi-instrumentalist genre-blending musician from Ashland, Oregon.

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